Buy Honor Power Leveling
4000 Honor Points
4000 Honor Points
Time:12Hours | Price : $8.49
8000 Honor Points
8000 Honor Points
Time:24Hours | Price : $15.49
Whole Warlords Season 1 item  level675(620)
Whole Warlords Season 1 item level675(620)
Time:1-2Days | Price : $31.99
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The customer's account may get locked when we log in to their account to do the leveling service. This temporary account locking is a new mechanism Blizzard launched to prevent potential hackers from changing the accounts' IP in quick succession. The purpose is to protect the security of customer's account – this is a usual Blizzard precaution - please do not worry. If your account gets locked KFCGOLD's customer-service staff will contact you via EMAIL. Please cooperate with our customer service representative to help unlock the account and ensure that we can finish your order on time.Recently,Blizzard started a mobile authenticatoer program.If you add a mobile authenticator to your account,and provide us with the serial number and code, your account won't be locked when we log on and start the service. It will save your time. Also it can keep your account much safer with the Authenticator. Of course you can change a new one after our service to keep your account safe.

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