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World Of Warcraft Eu News & Guilds

  • [News] WOW will launch Patch 5.4 and New Connected Realms will be Added [08/12/2013]
    Blizzard will add new connected realms to world of warcraft after the patch 5.4 is released. It should be a good news to wow players since warlock green fire quest has come out.
  • [News] To Green Fire or Not to Green Fire,That is the question [08/13/2013]
    I have come to the decision that while I know there are a lot of elitists out there that like to throw it in people’s faces when it comes to the Warlock green fire quest, and while I do think the quest is too hard, I don’t think it’s too hard for the same reasons.
  • [News] Warlock Fire [08/19/2013]
    We’ve acquired a few additional insight about what exactly lies behind the word “hope” with respect to our efforts to achieve green fire for warlocks. In essence, we want this updated information out so that we can better manage expectations, especially as the announcement created such a flurry of excitement.
  • [News] Warlocks Get All The Gold [08/21/2013]
    Everytime I think about the idea of having to 'farm' an item I cringe inside. Mindless hours of running from mob to mob killing with the only purpose being the appearance of one item in my loot window.
  • [News] Be more careful when it comes to children and in-game property [11/01/2013]
    It is well known to us that little children have a love of small animals.One of the reasons is that children consider animals as their pets.Pets which in the game are still liked by them.
  • [News] Use these tips to cement your partnership in Azeroth of wow [11/01/2013]
    Friendship is like money,easier made than kept! So it is necessary to use some ways to keep our friendship.Here are some tips to cement your partnership ,though in the game of wow.
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