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Wildstar Online News & Guilds

  • [News] The Targeting and Combat of MMO Game WildStar Online [07/24/2013]
    An interview has been made to Carbine studio regarding wildstar’s combat and Targeting. It is not a secret that you can obtain wildstar gold while you are doing combat, but how to make the combat and targeting work well, this is a problem that carbine must resolve.
  • [News] The Final Race of Exiles faction in WildStar Online [07/23/2013]
    In the past few days, Carbine studio has revealed its final races, and one of them is called Mordesh. But they have yet disclosed the game currency name which is called wildstar gold or not.
  • [News] The Best Website to Buy Wildstar Gold [03/30/2014]
    Game players usually choose to buy game currency online, for future wildstar players, most of them will also choose to buy wildstar gold and power leveling on the internet. But you must choose a safe and legit seller to buy from. Or you may lose your money or get your account banned.
  • [News] Arenas of Wildstar Online [06/16/2013]
    In Wildstar online beta version, there will be a Arena map, and the carbine will be focusing on Arenas, one of WildStar’s PvP Elder Games. You can also farm the wildstar gold in the arena.
  • [News] Wildstar Online has added the new Addons [07/16/2013]
    The wildstar online will open its beta version in Augest, now this game is still in closed testing, only few players in certain counties can access the game and try to play. Some of them said they have already farmed a lot of wildstar gold.
  • [News] Two Mad Scientists have been Added into WildStar Online [07/26/2013]
    After carbine release the final two races in the past fews days, now they have expanded the 2 new mad scientists which are called Victor Lazarin and Mondo Zax. These two leaders will be able to help get more wildstar gold in the game.
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