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Wildstar Online News & Guilds

  • [News] kfcgold:Walatiki Temple WildStar PVP Analysis Guide [05/21/2014]
    The Walatike Temple is the PvP map in WildStar for the newbie, basically the new players can enter into this map through Group Finder System. Click "N" can open the Group Finder System, and chose Practice Grounds, then you can choose Walatiki Temple. The end, Let's join the fight!
  • [News] WildStar's brilliant, horrible Mondo Zax [08/02/2013]
    As is known to us all , WildStar is an science fiction massively multiplayer online role-playing game. And players are able to create a character that they can control through their playing session. With Wildstar gold,the play level can be updated consistently. In the world of WildStar, Chua are experts of science and technology responsible for designing weapons and other gadgets for the Dominion empire. And today's your lucky day, if you've ever wanted to meet one in person.
  • [Guides] kfcgold:WildStar Guide: 1-50 Power Leveling [06/06/2014]
    In this video I show you all the zones by level in WildStar to help guide you while Power leveling. Knowing this information will help you level fast and not run around lost. Remember to like and subscribe for more WildStar!
  • [News] WildStar inevitable race of cute rodent people are revealed [07/31/2013]
    If you have a photographic memory of every game trailer ever released, then a) wow, you’ve seen many people getting stabbed in the neck, and b) you’ll remember the two WildStar videos introducing the upcoming MMO’s factions: Exiles and Dominion. These changes infuse more vitality to the online game .With the Wildstar gold,you can experience the playing more vividly.
  • [News] Crafting U to G and What could the W of Wildstar suits [08/07/2013]
    WildStar Bucks is our weekly column by the "Econ PvP'er" himself, Anhrez. His weekly topics will cover anything and everything Econ in Wildstar,of which the wildstar gold is the main game currency of the game. Be prepared for ideas from outer space.
  • [News] The battle between Wildstar races and Draken humans [06/21/2013]
    Forged in the heat and dust of their savage homeworld, the Draken have come to Nexus to prove they are the most badass warriors in the galaxy.
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