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  • [News] About EverQuest Next's armor sets and organic quests [08/07/2013]
    According to report SOE Live 2013,players can customize armor sets and change quest details organically in EverQuest Next , in which EverQuest Next Platinum can be used to buy the items needed.
  • [News] The EverQuest Next Classes and Races Unveiled [08/06/2013]
    Some of the classes and races on offer in EverQuest Next have been revealed through a series of SOE panels.That is to say ,there will be more interesting Settings to enjoy.Just buy more EQN Platinum,and you could have great opportunity to experience.
  • [News] SOE will reveal a lot of Information about Everquest Next in Live 2013 [08/05/2013]
    EQ Next is set in the realm of Norrath, but this is a rebooted version of those lands. Veteran players will find familiar places and names in the lore and setting, but they won't have a monopoly on the knowledge of this world
  • [News] EverQuest Next works on older PCs, may eventually make its way to PS4 [08/04/2013]
    Franchise director Dave Georgeson at the event said that the team needs to make sure the PC version is “kickass” before hitting another platform.“We need to make sure that it’s a kickass game on PC before we do anything else,” he said. “We’re going to nail down all our questions and design and everything like that so that it’s a really good game. Then we’ll talk about other platforms.”
  • [News] EverQuest Next Could Make Things Well With MMORPG [08/03/2013]
    It feels like that multiplayer role-playing game has never changed since I played it in 1998.however,the problem turns better because of EverQuest Next.
  • [News] Incoming release announcement of Everquest Next PS4 [08/01/2013]
    Sony Online Entertainment will blow the lid on EverQuest Next at its SOE Live 2013 event on Friday.Then we can confirm that the next instalment of the popular MMO series will be released on PlayStation 4 as well as PC.That is to say,there will be new element added to the online game. And with enough EQN platinum,we can experience the lattest scenes.
  • [News] The Debut of EverQuest Next in the SOE Live Event [07/31/2013]
    Sony Online Entertainment's SOE Live event is promising to be bigger than ever this year, as the company is reporting that advance passes are sold out and that walk-up tickets are expected to do the same, and quickly. EverQuest Next also makes its debut during this event. As an online playing game ,it has many updating services,of which EQN Power leveling and EQN Platinum will help you better experience the online scenes.
  • [News] More details will be given about EverQuest Next this weekend [07/30/2013]
    Formerly known as SOE Fan Faire, SOE Live is a fan-oriented convention that focuses on Sony Online Entertainment's family of games. In addition to other activities, SOE have announced that this year's event will play host to announcements relating to the next iteration of EverQuest.As is known to us all, EverQuest is the the online game with captivating storytelling and exciting worlds. If you have more EQN Platinum ,you can enjoy more happiness the mystery and adventure brings to you .
  • [News] Why I have decided to Play EveryQuest Again after EQN is Live [07/29/2013]
    I don’t think we can ever recapture that original magic we experienced when introduced to the world of Norrath, however, I think if SOE does it right we can experience something
  • [News] The First Feeling about Everquest Next Online [07/26/2013]
    EverQuest Next will be the next game in this massive franchise and there will be no holds barred for massive patches. SOE is a powerful developer with focused attention. And Everquest Next Platinum is its ingame currency name which is the same with the previous 2 EQ versions.
  • [News] To Get Epic Weapons from Finishing Epic Quests in Everquest Next [07/25/2013]
    To get more and more game currency is each player’s dream, but how to obtain more Everquest next Platinum. Well, to choose some hard quest like the epic quest will get you epic weapons and a lot of EQN Plat.
  • [News] Players’ Different Speculation to Everquest Next Online [07/24/2013]
    One of the player said: The everquest next creates a whole new questing experience and the ways to get EQN Platinum, and MUCH more life-like NPCs than we have ever seen before.
  • [News] Everquest Next Should do something in order to be Successful [07/23/2013]
    The Everquest Next will be live during Aug 1 to Aug 4 in 2013. But the game is still not that perfect since it is still in beta version. I would not buy EQN Platinum now until the final real version comes out.
  • [News] Everquest Next will Bring you a Totally New Everquest Game [07/22/2013]
    In August 2013, the new everquest game – Everquest Next will come to us. The Everquest next has the different stories with EQ 1 and EQ 2. The the next has the same currecy as the previous 2 games which is called everquest next platinum.
  • [News] The Everquest Next will Shock all of you Guys [07/20/2013]
    It is known that SONY will release the everquest next in the near future, and the ingame currency of it is called EQN platinum. If you do not know more details, we will let you know something in this article.
  • [News] Spells and Skills’ Magic of Everquest Next Hunting [07/19/2013]
    EverQuest Next will be officially launched on August 2nd. From that day, the EQN platinum will be got and the world is going to find out all kinds of awesome bits of goodness about the next upcoming title in the EverQuest franchise.
  • [News] Weapon Drops And Dumpster Diving in Everquest Next [07/18/2013]
    When you play everquest, not only you can get the weapons which are dropped from killing monsters, but also you can get the everquest next platinum.
  • [News] The skills of Everquest Next is not easy to Level Up [07/17/2013]
    Skills were not only an effective carrot that rewarded you with periodic increases, it was crucial for the player to keep them maxed in order to be effective in a group. If you have better skill in game, you will have bigger rate to get more EverQuest Next Platinum.
  • [News] Everquest Next has become the EQ’s New Official Title [07/16/2013]
    Most people believed that the true name of new EQ would not be revealed until the annual convention this year.
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