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  • [News] Many Errors were Found in FFXIV ARR after I Tested its Beta Opening [08/26/2013]
    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn beta has opened. You can choose to preorder from its official site and get the early access. Just after that, FFXIV Power leveling has become very popular.
  • [News] You Have To Try Path Of Exile [12/30/2017]
    Path of Exile is a game in the purest style of Diablo (the well-known Blizzard game) created by the New Zealand company Grinding Gear Games. This game in Free to Play is the closest thing to a devil clone.
  • [News] Severs of Neverwinter rolled back seven hours after ingame currency exploit [05/21/2013]
    Not a latest news though, but as you know Severs for Cryptic's MMO Neverwinter were rolled back seven hours over the weekend following an exploit that allowed players to amass billions in in-game currency, according to posts on the forums of publisher Perfect World Entertainment.
  • [News] How to Farm FFXIV Gil [09/03/2013]
    FFXIV Gil is so interesting that many players want to buy it and enjoy wonderful time in game. For newbie, the most vexing is how to quickly earn Gold, with the U.S. version, the price boom is now the state 35level and 3 equipment may be 4 million FFXIV Gil take-off.
  • [News] FFXIV Character Creation Benchmark released for download [08/09/2013]
    If you don’t know about the Character Creation Benchmark, it’s designed to test how well your computer can run the FFXIV client, while allowing you to play around with the character creation tool from the actual game as well. That’s unique part about this benchmark compared to the previous ones.
  • [News] Human Torch now being added to Marvel Heroes Post-launch [06/07/2013]
    We're committed to making each hero in Marvel Heroes as fun to play as we possibly can, and last summer we took the decision to expand and improve on every hero in the game. Every hero was given extra powers, more animations, more visual effects - more of everything.
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