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  • [News] The EverQuest Next Classes and Races Unveiled [08/06/2013]
    Some of the classes and races on offer in EverQuest Next have been revealed through a series of SOE panels.That is to say ,there will be more interesting Settings to enjoy.Just buy more EQN Platinum,and you could have great opportunity to experience.
  • [News] Players Created Addons and Mods of WildStar Online [07/06/2013]
    At the beginning of 2013, the carbine team said they would do something on the creation of user developed UI mods. And now the players will have at their disposal and also highlights the first-ever WildStar mods to come out of the game's closed beta.
  • [Guides] How to Start Playing Neverwinter [05/23/2013]
    If you are a beginner of Neverwinter, in this article we will tell you how to begin this game.It includes how to create an account, download the game and other server topics.
  • [News] The development of business related to wildstar online [06/22/2013]
    For thousands of years, the Aurin lived in isolation on the forest world of Arboria.
  • [News] PvP and Model in Neverwinter [05/28/2013]
    All players who play WOW are familiar with PVP and PVE. Now we should get some similar knowledge on Neverwinter in order to play this game well. We know that PVP will be available in Neverwinter, but it wasn’t implemented in the Beta so I couldn’t test it yet.
  • [News] Firefall Beta has exceeded the Expectation after the Try [07/09/2013]
    Finally, the game Firefall has opened its beta and after trying this online game, I feel this game is much better than I used to imagine. And I have got a lot of firefall gold only after playing few hours which made me real happy.
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