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  • [News] What is wrong with Blade and Soul [05/22/2013]
    It seems there are less and less news about the game Blade and Soul. The publisher and developer of this game seems disappears? A lot of players are complain about this, lets see some players complaints.
  • [News] Another 2 races have been Added to WildStar Online, Chua and the Mordesh [07/21/2013]
    Wildstar today disclosed its final two races which are called Mordesh and Chua. By playing those 2 races, you may be able to obtain more wildstar gold since those 2 races are more flexible than any other race.
  • [News] Edge Magazine Issue 257 Cover Revealed, Features Bungie's Destiny [08/03/2013]
    The cover of Edge Magazine latest issue has been revealed, and guess what it features Bungie's upcoming shooter "Destiny" with a tagline "The Next Generation of Multiplayer Gaming". The latest issue features a details article explaining the "How Bungie is handing control over to the player in its new epic, Destiny".
  • [News] The skills of Everquest Next is not easy to Level Up [07/17/2013]
    Skills were not only an effective carrot that rewarded you with periodic increases, it was crucial for the player to keep them maxed in order to be effective in a group. If you have better skill in game, you will have bigger rate to get more EverQuest Next Platinum.
  • [News] The New Iron Man is Now Available in Marvel Heroes [05/27/2013]
    Do you still remember the new movie Iron man 3? Do you like those iron men in the movie? Now you can choose iron men as your character when you play Marvel Heroes.
  • [News] WildStar inevitable race of cute rodent people are revealed [07/31/2013]
    If you have a photographic memory of every game trailer ever released, then a) wow, you’ve seen many people getting stabbed in the neck, and b) you’ll remember the two WildStar videos introducing the upcoming MMO’s factions: Exiles and Dominion. These changes infuse more vitality to the online game .With the Wildstar gold,you can experience the playing more vividly.
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