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    Marvel Heroes has come out for about a week time, in the past one week, Marvel Heroes Gs has become the hot products during the players.
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    In real life, our social status is determined in a large part by luck of the draw. You could be born into a wealthy family that can easily pay for your college tuition, fancy car, Nintendo Wii, plastic surgery, and of course
  • [News] kfcgold:WildStar Bonuses to reinforce your character [07/13/2014]
    Everyone would like to have their own strip of land, somewhere in the wilderness, to be able to build his little house. In Wildstar, this is an option and everyone, who reaches level 14, may receive their own land.Apart from the great features in the house looks
  • [News] Wildstar Online has added the new Addons [07/16/2013]
    The wildstar online will open its beta version in Augest, now this game is still in closed testing, only few players in certain counties can access the game and try to play. Some of them said they have already farmed a lot of wildstar gold.
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