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  • [Guides] How to Kill Chartilifax Dragon Boss in Neverwinter [05/27/2013]
    If you have already reached level 30 in neverwinter, you may know a boss called Chartilifax, he is veey big and with green color, if you wanna kill him, just follow this guide.
  • [News] How to get green fire for your warlock [08/16/2013]
    I guess everyone knows by now that 5.2 patch will finally bring the warlock green fire quest. If you didn't know about it, well, you do now.This quest is a warlock class specific quest and if you decide to complete it, you'll learn a new passive skill, and that spell will change your fire spells.
  • [News] The Comparison of Elder Online and Wildstar Online [07/22/2013]
    The Elder Online and Wildstar Online are two new games which will be lauched in 2013. Both of them are good, but I personally prefer Wildstar more and I hope I will be able to farm a lot of wildstar gold once the game is open.
  • [Guides] Brimstail's Dungeon [05/11/2013]
    Brimstail was mainly used to go to the Rune Essence mine, one of the many mages who had the ability to. Now he is most famous for starting and taking you through the quest, Eyes of Glouphrie.
  • [Guides] How to get Star of Dominus in WildStar Online [06/28/2013]
    Drawing upon the power of these kinetic cells give Warriors access
  • [News] The Reborn in latest expansion [08/28/2013]
    The original Final Fantasy XIV was released in September of 2010, and was met with largely negative reviews. Because of this, then-Square Enix president Yoichi Wada announced that a new team, headed by Naoki Yoshida, would take the reins of the project.
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