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  • [News] Ready to Play Wildstar Online and do Wildstar Power leveling [03/16/2014]
    Wildstar, which is a world game, it will be definitely brought a unique influence for the game world, also for the most video games players, it must be a great game. So drear guys, now you need to try find a good one and also please take more attention to this game so that you can find it and buy wildstar power leveling in time.
  • [News] Marvel Heroes Game Client is now Available [05/22/2013]
    According to the news from Marvel Heroes official website, they said they have made the Marvel Heroes client live now, you can purchase different kinds of the packs through Steam now.
  • [Guides] WildStar will become the Real Star in summer 2013 [06/24/2013]
    We agree that guilds are a great way to form a group of like-minded people to engage with the content you most prefer in an MMO. But we all know that no player is entirely single-minded in terms of the content they want to engage in, or the types of people they want to socialize with.
  • [News] The First Feeling about Everquest Next Online [07/26/2013]
    EverQuest Next will be the next game in this massive franchise and there will be no holds barred for massive patches. SOE is a powerful developer with focused attention. And Everquest Next Platinum is its ingame currency name which is the same with the previous 2 EQ versions.
  • [News] What is your feeling about wildstar beta [06/26/2013]
    Currently, players can be members of one guild and five circles at the same time, though of course this may change as we get feedback during beta.
  • [News] killing creatures to make gold instead of Runescape gold generator [11/03/2013]
    Keep in mind that the runescape is changing constantly.These people who always keeping a watchful eye on the market can earn most golds .So what is your magic key in runescape?
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