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  • [Guides] Are you tired of the endless hours of huntintg the same mobs in ffxiv [11/16/2013]
    Are you tired of the endless hours of hunting the mobs in ffxiv? Are you sad to find that your fingers get hurt because of the long time’s play ? So it is bright follow my introduction.
  • [News] The MMO "Arms Race" of WildStar Dev [08/01/2013]
    Lots of MMOs and every single one of them are vying for the same audience. Certainly you can classify things off into folks for different genres and styles, but at the end of the day there is a limited pool of people willing to put in the time and dedication on game. The competition for player's attention has, in turn, led to what some in the MMO industry would term an "arms race" as developers fight for players' play time. According to Jeremy Gaffney of Carbine Studios, the studio behind the MMO WildStar,updates and content drops lie at the center of the competition.That is to say,more reforms will be taken to the online game.And with Wildstar power leveling, more surprise and updates can be experienced easily.
  • [News] To Get Epic Weapons from Finishing Epic Quests in Everquest Next [07/25/2013]
    To get more and more game currency is each player’s dream, but how to obtain more Everquest next Platinum. Well, to choose some hard quest like the epic quest will get you epic weapons and a lot of EQN Plat.
  • [News] FFXIV ARR did a very good job in Role Playing Part [10/01/2013]
    I have already played final fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn for more than a month, and I think this game is not bad especially in role playing part. It is much better than any other mmo games.
  • [News] The Harvesting and Crafting of Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn [07/24/2013]
    In this article, we will take players to see how does FF14 arr’s Harvesting and Crafting system look like. Because for the harvesting system you can see how to harvest ff14 gil as more as you can.
  • [News] The Everquest Next will Shock all of you Guys [07/20/2013]
    It is known that SONY will release the everquest next in the near future, and the ingame currency of it is called EQN platinum. If you do not know more details, we will let you know something in this article.
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