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  • [News] F2P Isn't a Charity [06/06/2013]
    For some, it seems the notion of developers wanting to make any money on Free-to-Play games is a ludicrous idea. In this week's column, we discuss the fact that F2P games, while free, aren't a actually a charity.
  • [News] Firefall is Preparing for its Opening Beta [07/07/2013]
    As many players are waiting for the wildstar online, a lot of players are also waiting for the Firefall. We have put firefall gold as a game product on our site, after the game is launched, you will be able to buy on our site directly.
  • [News] The 40 minutes Match Times of WildStar Online [06/30/2013]
    WildStar Online may be having a 40 minutes matches times. How do you think of this? Are you expecting it as more as getting the wildstar gold? We can read together seeing how the developer says about this.
  • [News] MU Legend: The Combat Is Real-Time And Very Fast Paced And More [12/12/2017]
    Webzen revealed new news about MU Legend, players will find enhanced graphics and a fluid hack 'n' slash combat style. The OBT of MU Legend will includes new features including localization in several new languages. In MU Legend, the same problems that plagued Devilian, linear questing, lack of much to do outside slaying mobs, plague MU Legend. In addition to the main features, Webzen is working to be able to incorporate community communication elements into the PvP system. Highly recommend you to view more at here.
  • [News] Wildstar Online has added the new Addons [07/16/2013]
    The wildstar online will open its beta version in Augest, now this game is still in closed testing, only few players in certain counties can access the game and try to play. Some of them said they have already farmed a lot of wildstar gold.
  • [News] Start to Buy NeverWinter Astral Diamonds again Due to Auction House Return [05/24/2013]
    With the end of the investigation about the neverwinter astral diamonds exploit a few days ago, the neverwinter official has decided to reopen the auction house, that mean you can exchange the diamonds and other items through auction house now.
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