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  • [News] Get Ready for the WildStar Online Adventure [07/03/2013]
    Wildstar will be opened around Augest 2013. Game players from all over the world are waiting for this awesome game to come out, and some of them even say that have saved a lot of money to buy wildstar gold already.
  • [News] The behind story of Farside in WildStar Online [07/01/2013]
    There is a zone on a moon called Farside in Wildstar. What is the idea of Farside? Are there any stories behind this? Well, the carbine has told us some information. By playing and doing quests in that zone, you can get a lot of wildstar gold.
  • [News] The Best Time to Save Money for Elder Scrolls Gold [03/25/2014]
    Ready to play the elder scrolls online? Ready to purchase eso gold online? In only few days, you will be enjoy this new game completely. So you can start save money for this game now because you will need money to buy elder scrolls stuffs.
  • [News] Sharing my Final Fantasy XIV Experience with You Guys [09/19/2013]
    I am a Final Fantasy Powerleveler and I do FFXIV Power leveling to earn money. So far, I can make about $2000 a month by doing ff14 leveling. Now I would share my experience with FFXIV.
  • [News] The New Settler, explorer and Socialization of WildStar Online [07/19/2013]
    The producer of Wildstar thinks MMO developers aren't experimenting enough with the social possibilities of the genre. Socialization, he thinks, is the only thing that MMORPGs undeniably do better than other genres.
  • [News] kfcgold:WildStar Healer Guide - Which Class Should You Play? [05/22/2014]
    Wildstar is an upcoming MMO set to release in 2014. The purpose of this video is to help you get a feel for the 3 classes capable of healing(Esper, Spellslinger, and Medic). Hopefully this will give you a feel of which healer best fits your play style and helps you answer the question: Which Healer should I pick?
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