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  • [News] Meet With Viktor Lazarin For Science [08/04/2013]
    Here Carbine Studios got a chance to sit down and talk with Victor Lazarin about the online game ,in which Wildstar gold is essential. The Mordesh responsible for creating the "Everlife Eilxir"--and ultimately the "Contagion"--that doomed his people.
  • [News] Discount Coupon for Final Fantasy XIV [09/02/2013]
    Final Fantasy XIV had its fires rekindled today with the launch of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn,of which FFXIV Gil is the main game currency of the game .
  • [News] Once you hit the Level Cap, things still can be done in Final Fantasy XIV [07/30/2013]
    Since Final Fantasy XIV is an MMO, naturally, Square Enix have future updates planned. Completing the main story of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will get you to level 50, but things won’t end there, says the game’s producer, Naoki Yoshida.That said, even without the updates, there will still be things to do once you hit the level cap. And if you have more FFXIV Gil, more privileges can be enjoyed.
  • [Guides] WildStar will become the Real Star in summer 2013 [06/24/2013]
    We agree that guilds are a great way to form a group of like-minded people to engage with the content you most prefer in an MMO. But we all know that no player is entirely single-minded in terms of the content they want to engage in, or the types of people they want to socialize with.
  • [News] How much you Know about Final Fantasy 14 Dungeons [09/15/2013]
    Guess all of you play Final Fantasy XIV for about 3 weeks at most since this game came out for a short time. But many players have done a very good job in FFXIV Power leveling because they are very good at learning.
  • [Guides] kfcgold:WildStar Guide: 1-50 Power Leveling [06/06/2014]
    In this video I show you all the zones by level in WildStar to help guide you while Power leveling. Knowing this information will help you level fast and not run around lost. Remember to like and subscribe for more WildStar!
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