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  • [News] A Realm Reborn is Coming to us in the Next Week [08/10/2013]
    Just in the next few days, the ffxiv arr will come to us and we can start playing that game soon, and some players can even play earlier than the launching day. They will be able to get more ffxiv gil then those who play later.
  • [News] New 13 Minute Final Fantasy XIV Trailer Showcases Destruction of the World [08/15/2013]
    A Realm Reborn looks like it will be a serious contender in a rather crowded genre- although its gameplay mechanics are honestly nothing new and pretty par on the course for the kind of game that it is, it looks to have oodles of that Final Fantasy charm, which is sure to set it apart from the other MMOs on the market.
  • [News] Fantasy XIV Dad of Light: Akio Has A Bustling Social Life [09/07/2017]
    In Final Fantasy XIV Dad of Light, it mainly introduce a father and a son, the son desperately trying to grow closer to a parent. The son in the game was called Akio, Akio too is more friendly and open in this virtual setting like his father is. By playing the game, is probably the only way to get close his father, he wants to share the world he loves with him. For additional information you can check out more here.
  • [News] The beta of Final Fantasy 14 Ps4 will be Launched in February 2014 [09/11/2013]
    Final Fantasy 14 will release PS4 version in next year in February. And then all the PS3 player can upgrade to PS4 version directly without repurchase the new version.
  • [News] The Class is always Greener on the other Flame [08/15/2013]
    As my co-host Rho will tell you, it is the ‘Lucy’s football’ to the Charlie Brown warlock class in the game. Warlocks have been wanting green fire for their spells since… well I think since they saw the fel fire of Outlands in Burning Crusade. Truly, the fel fire is something that should have been in the game for a long time, but I am not sure if Blizzard had decided that demonic fire was green until they began developing Burning Crusade, and by then the warlock class and their normal red fire was already in game.
  • [News] Marvel Heroes post-launch added Human Torch [05/21/2013]
    Many players are expecting Marvel Heroes. Today we got a good new about this game. That is Human Torch now being added to Marvel Heroes post-launch.
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