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Final Fantasy Xiv News & Guilds

  • [News] A Realm Reborn distinguishes A Dragoon from A Monk In Final Fantasy XIV [07/28/2013]
    The “hard mode battles” in Final Fantasy XIV have been released recently.And it shows more functions and scenes .with FFXIV Gils,you can gain the most incredible experience.In a new live Letter from the Producer video Q&A, Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn producer Naoki Yoshida touches upon the differences between the Dragoon and Monk jobs in the game.
  • [News] FFXIV: New Content And The Whole World Of Eorzea Overhauled [08/15/2017]
    Square Enix releases a slew of information on Final Fantasy XIV, with a new engine, a slew of new content and the whole world of Eorzea completely overhauled. Today, let's take look back on the game's basic content. If you require Final Fantasy XIV Gil and FFXIV Power Leveling, FFXIV4GIL is the best place.
  • [News] A Realm Reborn Digital Sales Go Down [08/30/2013]
    I'll give you the good news first--Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is pretty freakin' awesome, and you can expect a full review by the end of the week.
  • [Guides] What should you do before gain a job of ffxiv [11/11/2013]
    There are many kinds o f jobs in ffxiv game.If you want to acquire a job,you have to make some preparations in the early time.It is a good habit that you can get benefit from it.
  • [News] FFXIV Companion App is now Available on iOS [09/11/2013]
    Do you believe that final fantasy XIV has launched an App which you can use on iOS? This is the truth, now with that App, you can check your ffxiv gil amount and other wealth as well as your char level and process.
  • [News] FFXIV ARR the master of all [08/27/2013]
    To anyone browsing through the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn website for the first time, without having any prior knowledge of the game and relevant FFXIV Gil .
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