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  • [News] The Realm Reborn open beta is busy [08/25/2013]
    If Final Fantasy XIV’s final beta phase could be considered a ‘stress test’, then it woke up on Saturday to discover it was late for its A-Levels with no coins for the bus. 150,000 players descended on Eorzea this weekend - the realm what’s being reborn - and necessitated the switching on of two extra servers in Japan.
  • [News] FFXIV A Realm Reborn Coming to PS4 earlier than thought [08/31/2013]
    Final Fantasy will be joining the next-gen party a lot sooner than you might thought.
  • [News] Marvel Heroes Tips and Tricks for Iron Man [06/10/2013]
    Marvel heroes has come out and people are using Marvel heroes gs to buy items and charactors. Well, if you are going to play Iron man, then you’d better read the following tips.
  • [News] Wildstar Online has added the new Addons [07/16/2013]
    The wildstar online will open its beta version in Augest, now this game is still in closed testing, only few players in certain counties can access the game and try to play. Some of them said they have already farmed a lot of wildstar gold.
  • [News] FFXIV ARR the master of all [08/27/2013]
    To anyone browsing through the Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn website for the first time, without having any prior knowledge of the game and relevant FFXIV Gil .
  • [News] The Debut of EverQuest Next in the SOE Live Event [07/31/2013]
    Sony Online Entertainment's SOE Live event is promising to be bigger than ever this year, as the company is reporting that advance passes are sold out and that walk-up tickets are expected to do the same, and quickly. EverQuest Next also makes its debut during this event. As an online playing game ,it has many updating services,of which EQN Power leveling and EQN Platinum will help you better experience the online scenes.
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